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Acquisition management services pilot way to success

Acquisition management services pilot way to success

International Maritime Consultants’ most recent acquisition management project has reached a successful conclusion with the handover of AMG Winyama, the latest pilot boat in the Argonaut Marine Group fleet.

Argonaut, which provides pilotage services in the Western Australian ports of Dampier and Cape Preston as well as in the Tiwi Islands, engaged IMC to act as owner’s representative throughout the project, which resulted in Dongara Marine delivering the 19.2 metre aluminium hulled pilot boat in June.

“Argonaut is a very hands-on business, so it was far more effective and efficient for us to have the boatbuilding experts build the boat while we got on with our core business: delivering safe, reliable, and flexible pilotage services,” explained Argonaut’s Managing Director, Kim Lyons.

“Seeing the original Berkeley gave us every confidence that Dongara Marine could produce the pilot boat Argonaut needed, but we also knew that having IMC’s shipbuilding and naval architecture expertise overseeing the project for us would add value and reduce risk,” he added.

IMC’s services provided across the acquisition and construction period included pre-contract specification review; construction inspection, specification compliance, and reporting; and contract compliance.

“Being involved from the pre-contract stage through to delivery, we were able to use IMC’s in-house technical expertise to help align what Argonaut required and what was practically achievable in a design and construction sense,” said IMC’s Managing Director, Justin McPherson.

Both Argonaut and Dongara Marine made it clear that IMC’s ability to apply its expertise in a customer-focussed manner, working closely with both owner and boatbuilder, contributed to the newbuilding project’s success.

“The IMC owner’s representative focussed on making sure the Berkeley Class pilot boat would meet Argonaut’s expectations,” said Rohan Marr, General Manager at Dongara Marine.

“Taking a collaborative approach, he worked constructively and efficiently with the Dongara Marine team, recognising that we all had the same goal: client satisfaction. Diligent but fair throughout the build process, IMC made valuable contributions that assisted us achieve the excellent result we did.”

Kim Lyons thanked both, saying: “We are very happy with AMG Winyama, and credit for that goes to everyone involved. You couldn’t get a better combination than Argonaut, IMC and Dongara Marine.”

For his part, Justin McPherson also acknowledged the pilot boat builder’s positive approach to dealing with IMC and Argonaut’s inputs.

“We found Dongara Marine to be very receptive to our inputs, and it was clear they wanted to provide a high quality vessel for our common client,” he said.

Argonaut is the latest in a line of commercial and government organisation to utilise IMC’s technical and commercial expertise to help ensure their vessel acquisition program efficiently translates the initial vision into successful operational capability. The Western Australian company’s track record in acquisition management now includes patrol boats, research vessels, landing craft, aquaculture boats, training vessels, and pilot boats.

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