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Analysis helps in the rebuilding of Brisbane's Riverwalk

Analysis helps in the rebuilding of Brisbane's Riverwalk

Stability, structural, mooring and lifting analysis undertaken by International Maritime Consultants (IMC) has helped to ensure the safe reconstruction of river-side infrastructure in Brisbane.

In January 2011 severe floods extensively damaged the original structure of the New Farm Riverwalk in Brisbane, Australia. The walkway is a key river connection between New Farm and the Queensland capital's city centre, and had been used by over 3,000 cyclists and pedestrians daily. The floods, however, caused a section of it to break and wash downstream.

To assist in the Riverwalk rebuilding project, A.M.S. Tugs & Barges was contracted to supply its barge A.M.S. Gladstone. IMC was in turn contracted to undertake stability analysis and structural analysis for the barge when fitted with a Manitowoc M16000 crane with Max-ER counterweight. The crane was used for tasks such as lifting large sections of the riverwalk into place.

IMC also undertook a lifting and mooring analysis for the deck cargo and ballast tank spud barge, which is 64 metres long and 21 metres in beam.

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