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Design and structural analysis for CPC Angelica

Design and structural analysis for CPC Angelica

Reflecting the versatility of the offshore and marine engineering services provided by International Maritime Consultants (IMC), the company has completed the sea fastening design and structural analysis necessary to facilitate a pipe carriage project on a special purpose carrier vessel.

Delivered in 2012, the 93 metre CPC Angelica (now Crest Angelica) is a modern cargo / offshore support vessel with over 1,600 square metres of deck space that makes it highly suited to carriage of large deck cargoes. It is part of a diverse fleet controlled by the Pacific Radiance Group of Companies, a Singapore-based owner and operator of offshore vessels and a provider of subsea services, shipyard services, marine equipment as well as project logistics to the global oil and gas industry.

IMC's work on the ship was carried out on behalf of a client based in Perth, Australia that is actively operating in Australian waters to support construction, offshore energy exploration, development and production.

In addition to transportation and loadout engineering, IMC’s offshore engineering services include lift engineering; operations simulation; vessel systems engineering; mooring design and analysis; navigation aids (NAVAIDs) design; and jack up rig site specific assessment.

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