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IMC helps clients prepare for cyclone season

IMC helps clients prepare for cyclone season

With Northern Australia’s cyclone season rapidly approaching, engineers at International Maritime Consultants (IMC) have been busy assessing the suitability of clients’ mooring arrangements for the extreme wind and sea loadings cyclonic conditions produce.

Cyclone moorings are typically inspected annually, so IMC’s recent work has included reviewing dive inspection reports and signing off on existing moorings for the upcoming cyclone season, which typically runs from November to April in Northern Australia.

IMC re-certifies moorings from Onslow in north-west Western Australia around the northern coastline to Gladstone in Queensland. Demonstrating the versatility of IMC’s capability and client base, the vessels that utilise these moorings range in length from 10 metres up to 132 metres. Clients include Total AMS, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Cape Preston Port Company.

Mooring design and analysis is one of the core services within IMC’s Offshore Engineering product offering.

Typical mooring hawser for a large cyclone mooring

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