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IMC Jack-Up Site Specific Assessment for the Bristol Channel

IMC Jack-Up Site Specific Assessment for the Bristol Channel

The Bristol Channel might be a long way from Fremantle but that has not prevented IMC’s expertise being utilised for a jack-up site specific assessment (SSA) in the United Kingdom.

Drawing on the wealth of offshore engineering experience and its sophisticated suite of analytical tools, the IMC team assessed the operating environment and capabilities of the Fugro Geoservices construction jack-up platform Fugro 1200 to determine if the rig could operate safely off Hinkley Point in Somerset. The assessment included validating the capability of the jack up against mandatory requirements, while identifying potential marginal operating circumstances and risks.

IMC’s offshore engineering capabilities also helped link Western Australia and Britain when undertaking the engineering and towage planning for the wet tow of the Fugro 1200 from Fremantle to the UK, an incredibly long and slow voyage via the Cape of Good Hope

Fugro Geoservices (formerly known as Fugro Seacore) works both offshore and on land providing engineering and geotechnical services for clients in the energy, infrastructure and mining sectors worldwide.

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