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Multi-purpose utility in all new tug designs

Multi-purpose utility in all new tug designs

Shipyards and vessel operators seeking the advantages of well-engineered, multi-use tugs that can be competitively built in series production are key targets for IMC’s newly released utility tug range.
The range covers a broad array of towage and work boat requirements with the first three designs extending from a 15 metre tug providing 16 tonnes bollard pull up to the 30 tonnes pull of the 24 metre tug design.

Ample deck space and the ability to operate in shallow draft mode contributes to them being true multi-purpose work vessels, suitable for tasks including towing, mooring/anchor handling and dredging support.

Common to all is rigorous engineering to IACS classification society rules and full compliance with Australia’s demanding National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) survey requirements. This means these robust work boats can be easily registered for use in different jurisdictions, adding to their commercial and operational appeal throughout their lives.

The range’s flexibility is enhanced by IMC’s forethought in developing each of the small tug designs to take a full range of optional equipment with IMC’s engineering and naval architecture expertise readily available to facilitate customization to operator’s specific needs.

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IMC's Utility Tug T1516 is 15 metres long and provides 16 tonnes bollard pull

IMC's Utility Tug T1922 is 19 metres long and provides 22 tonnes bollard pull

 IMC's Utility Tug T2430 is 24 metres long and provides 30 tonnes bollard pull

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