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Quality-assured design and engineering meets Serco’s defence requirements

Quality-assured design and engineering meets Serco’s defence requirements

Reflecting the Australian defence sector’s need for high quality, independent engineering expertise, IMC has recently successfully completed a detailed assessment process to become part of Serco Defence’s Technical Support Network (TSN).

Serco delivers comprehensive services to the defence and national security markets including training, logistics, engineering, and operational support services . In addition to the Australian Defence Force its customers include the Australian Border Force, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority, original equipment manufacturers and commercial entities in the offshore resources sector.

In addition to operating and maintaining its own fleets, Serco supports a range of vessels for the Royal Australian Navy – including the Armidale Class Patrol Boats – and every aspect of maritime operations including vessel acquisition and through-life management.

Serco established its TSN to ensure that organisations such as IMC that work within its engineering system have been assessed and authorised for relevant engineering tasks in order to maintain the technical integrity of materiel controlled by Serco Defence and its customers.

Prior to an organisation being appointed as a TSN member, Serco Defence assesses their capability to be authorised to conduct engineering tasks, with specific focus on establishing evidence that supports the claims of capability.

IMC provided robust evidence of its, ISO 9001 quality assured naval architecture and engineering capability, leading Serco Defence to certify that IMC “meets the Serco Defence Technical Support Network’s capability requirements assessment to act in the role of Designer or as a Design Acceptance Representative of behalf of Serco Defence.”

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