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IMC’s core offshore and marine engineering services include providing advice and analysis relating to:

  • Lift Engineering – including in harbour, vessel to vessel, and subsea lift analysis as well as operability analysis for lifting
  • Transportation and Loadout Engineering – including load out design and analysis; vessel towing assessment; towing gear design; ramp design and analysis; vessel motions and dynamic loads; sea fastening; tow planning; and determination of metocean conditions
  • Operations Simulation – including umbilical systems management; towed body operations; launch and recovery; and overall vessel operability
  • Vessel Systems Engineering – including all aspects of ship systems; bulk cargo handling (liquid and dry); and systems for hazardous and noxious liquid substances (HNLS) and low flashpoint liquids (LFL)
  • Mooring Design and Analysis – including for inshore, offshore, load out, and vessel berth moorings; anchor assessment; mooring installation analysis and planning; and mooring sign off and certification.
  • Navigation aids design
  • Jack Up Rig Site Specific Assessment

Jack Up Site Specific Assessment

Vessel – Santa Fe
Scope –Site specific assessment in accordance with SNAME T&R 5-5A for submission to Bureau Veritas

NWS Stage V LNG Jetty – Lift Engineering

Scope –Lift engineering for pre-assembled units and loading arms for construction of North West Shelf Stage V LNG jetty.

Gorgon LNG Jetty Caisson Barge – Sea Fastening

Vessel – Boa 33
Scope – Designed bolted multi-use sea fastening arrangement for transport of concrete caissons from Fremantle – Barrow Island

Gorgon LNG Jetty Caisson Barge - Mooring

Vessel – Boa 33 / Pacific Wrangler
Scope – Mooring system design for offloading of caissons from semi-submersible barge

MODU Prelaid Mooring Design

Vessel – Jack Bates
Scope – Prelaid mooring systems design c/w synthetic inserts, for MODU Jack Bates for Hess NWS Exploration

Towed Body Simulation

Vessel – Fugro Equator
Scope –Tow cable load analysis, geometry and dynamics when towing towfish sensor on up to 9.5 km of fibre optic umbilical

Tank Transport Engineering

Vessel – Go Enif / Labroy 256
Scope –Engineering and tow planning for transport of two 35 metre diameter fuel oil tanks from Bell Bay, Tasmania to Newcastle, NSW

Jackup Barge Wet Tow

Vessel – Eunsung 1200
Scope –Engineering and tow planning for wet tow of jackup barge, Eunsung 1200, from Dampier to Fremantle

Crane Barge Analysis

Vessel – AMS Gladstone
Scope – Designed barge mooring, crane mats and fastening and determined crane operating limits and DAFs for crane barge operation on Brisbane Riverwalk replacement project

Lift Engineering

Scope –Lift engineering for pre-assembled units and loading arms for construction of Woodside Pluto LNG jetty

Mangrove Passage Cyclone Moorings

Scope – Designed a series of 50+ piled cyclone moorings located in Mangrove Passage to provide for vessels operating on Gorgon and later the Wheatstone projects.

Vessel Mobilisation

Vessel – Normand Clough
Scope –Sea fastening design for mobilisation of field abandonment spread onto Normand Clough for Lufeng 22-1 field abandonment

Latest news

28 December 2017

Bali Hai II gets a new lease of life

West Australian based international day cruise operator, Bali Hai Cruises completes a major refit and life extension of their flagship 36m aluminium catamaran Bali Hai II. read more...

23 November 2017

Skipsteknisk and IMC team to offer Australia a state of the art hydrographic oceanographic research vessel design

Skipsteknisk AS of Norway and International Maritime Consultants (IMC) of Fremantle, Australia have entered into a teaming agreement to offer the Skipsteknisk range of hydrographic oceanographic research vessel designs to the Commonwealth of Australia under program SEA 2400 Phase 1 Hydrographic Data Collection Capability. read more...

18 October 2017

Britton and IMC deliver RAN diesel outboard powered support boats

In support of industry partner, Britton Maritime Systems and their range of high performance ship’s boats, IMC’s continues to support the Australian defence sector with specialist design and engineering capability. read more...

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