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Many commercial and government organisation have utilised IMC’s technical and commercial expertise through the various stages of vessel acquisition programs to help ensure their initial vision and requirements are efficiently translated into successful operational capability. 

IMC’s track record includes providing government organisations with technical expertise in the development and execution of request for tender (RFT) / request for proposal (RFP) processes for patrol boats, research vessels, and training vessels.

Regardless of the type of the vessel being constructed, modified or converted, IMC’s scope can include all or any of the following key project stages:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Conceptual Design
  • Technical Specification Development
  • Tender Process Management
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Commercial Evaluation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Management
  • Build Supervision / Owner’s Representation
  • Commissioning, Sea Trials and Delivery

Application of IMC’s broad ranging expertise throughout a project’s life cycle:

  • Optimises outcomes and reduces risk by providing continuity from concept to finalised product
  • Ensures the client’s vision and requirements are properly considered, incorporated, and adhered to at all times

IMC can provide this project management capability regardless of the vessel design’s origin (IMC or third party). 

IMC’s independence ensures it represents its client’s interests free of the influences corporate affiliations with shipyards or suppliers could generate. 

Independence also means IMC works with a broad cross section of the marine industry. This helps ensure familiarity with contemporary ship design and shipbuilding practices, a wide range of equipment, as well as relevant regulations and standards. This enables IMC to:

  • Undertake robust, realistic requirements analysis
  • Develop conceptual designs and technical specifications that are achievable and cost-effective
  • Complete well informed evaluations of technical and commercial proposals
  • Rapidly identify potential issues and suggest suitable solutions throughout the project

49.95 metre Landing Craft

Client – Fodico Pty. Ltd.
IMC Scope - Vessel Design, Tender Assistance and Construction Supervision for construction of landing craft Endurance III

32.0 metre Offshore Patrol Vessel

Client –New South Wales (NSW) Police
IMC Scope - Tender Assistance/Evaluation and Construction Supervision for construction of patrol vessel Nemesis

35.8 metre Research Vessel

Client– Australian Institute of Marine Science
IMC Scope - Initial Design, Tender Assistance and Construction Supervision for the construction of the research vessel RV Solande

19.9 metre Fisheries Training Vessel

Client – Western Australian Dept. of Housing and Works
IMC Scope - Tender Assistance/Evaluation and Construction Supervision for construction of fisheries training vessel

22.6 metre Fisheries Research Vessel

Client – Western Australian Dept. of Fisheries
IMC Scope - Vessel Initial Design, Tender Assistance and Construction Supervision for construction of research vessel RV Naturaliste

34.75 metre Pearling Vessel

Client – Blue Seas Pearling
IMC Scope - Vessel Design, Tender Assistance and Construction Supervision for construction of pearling vessel Nalena Bay

Latest news

28 December 2017

Bali Hai II gets a new lease of life

West Australian based international day cruise operator, Bali Hai Cruises completes a major refit and life extension of their flagship 36m aluminium catamaran Bali Hai II. read more...

23 November 2017

Skipsteknisk and IMC team to offer Australia a state of the art hydrographic oceanographic research vessel design

Skipsteknisk AS of Norway and International Maritime Consultants (IMC) of Fremantle, Australia have entered into a teaming agreement to offer the Skipsteknisk range of hydrographic oceanographic research vessel designs to the Commonwealth of Australia under program SEA 2400 Phase 1 Hydrographic Data Collection Capability. read more...

18 October 2017

Britton and IMC deliver RAN diesel outboard powered support boats

In support of industry partner, Britton Maritime Systems and their range of high performance ship’s boats, IMC’s continues to support the Australian defence sector with specialist design and engineering capability. read more...

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